the candi factory


Mar 15 2009

I bought a pair of your sweet undies at the ooak on Thurs and I just love them!
Thanks for making them so comfy!


Mar 15 2009

Will you be at the Spring, One of a Kind Sale? I bought a couple of pairs of your panties that I absolutely adore – I need more!!! no more jockeys for me – ever!

Cheers, Cathy


Mar 15 2009

I am glad to have finally found a location to buy your product….I first bought a pair of your wonder woman style undies a couple of years ago at the one of a kind show…and I love them…they still look brand new…they have held up fantastic..thanks of luck with your business I know how hard it is to make a go of it…but if you have a great product and believe what you are doing…it all comes together.
Best wishes,


Mar 15 2009

Hi Candice, I bought a pair of ‘wonder woman’ type undies at the OOAK show in Dec.
My Boyfriend saw them on me, and exclaimed “Merry Christmas to me!!”




Mar 15 2009

Hi, I just bought a pair of your adorable underwear at the Arts & Crafts show in Bracebridge Ontario. I describe the pair I bought as ’’Brownies meet the Confederate flag’’, since they’re brown with yellow piping with a orange cross on the front. I LOVE THEM.
I just wanted to give you some kudos for making awesome things.
(end note, I don’t love them because they look like the confederate flag. Don’t worry, I’m not an angry rascist redneck)
-Alex, Toronto.


Mar 15 2009

Lethbridge is loving The Candi Factory! Also wanted to share with you what part The Candi Factory had in my wedding. Below is a picture of my husband Michael. He specifically had our photographer shoot this one for you, in the middle of the street in Las Vegas.

Many Thanks! Joanne


Mar 15 2009

Thank you, We look forward to receiving the order. Your undies are so great, all others go in the garbage. It is also good colour therapy.



Mar 15 2009

You can’t imagine how happy I am with my new panties ! Seriously these are the most comfortable and cute undies I ever had ! I don’t have the perfect body and it’s the first time panties fit me so well! I told all my girl friends about your company !

I just bought on your website some of the panties you make in your factory ! (sorry I’m from Quebec and I speak french so I don’t get to write in english really often)

I will buy other panties for sure really soon !

Thank you so much !


Mar 15 2009

I just have to tell you that these are the most beautiful and beautifully made underpants that I have ever seen! AND - the are soooooo comfortable! I own two pair and this order is gifts for my daughter, niece, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and a dear friend. They are wearable art! Thank you for creating them. I cannot wait to see what other wonderful things you come up with. Many thanks. Kate


Mar 15 2009

Just wanted to let you know how much we love your underwear. About 3 years ago my dad bought my husband and pair at the one of a kind show, kind of as a joke for Christmas. They had fleur-de-lis and daisies all over them. My husband got a pretty good ribbing from his friends at the Y in the change room.

The thing was he loved them, they were soooooooooo comfortable (in his words). We live in Edmonton, so the next year for Christmas he asked for more underwear! I have since bought 3 or 4 more pairs at a store on Queen street when I’ve been in town. It got to the point where he was doing laundry every other day so he only had to wear your underwear. Anyway, we just ordered 6 more pairs and he is extremely happy…I think we have every one in your collection! So let us know when more designes come out, I’ll think he’ll be wanting a few pairs. Oh, and by the way, I’ve gotten a few pairs myself and there is nothing else I’d rather wear with Jeans!

Thanks, Sara.