the candi factory


Mar 15 2009

Just want to say that the man briefs were a BIG HIT! Thanks so much!!!

Happy spring!



Mar 15 2009

Just got back from a week away for work and wanted to let you know you rock! Got to wear my new “Wednesday” on Wednesday and cheers for the extra. I haven’t had anything that pink since my Mom-induced original super prep phase. These are way cuter than the late ‘80s scheme.
Hope all is well at the “factory” and that you are enjoying the spring sunshine – at last.


Mar 15 2009

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I LOVE the underwear, they are truly the most comfortable I have ever had, and the black gusset is truly designed by a woman!! now if you only made a solid white pair….....(I know boring but its a little obvious when you wear bright colours under a white martial arts uniform) so I can stop the dreaded wedge in the middle of a class!!

Again LOVE the underwear, Lauren


Mar 15 2009

My sister just bought me a bunch for my birthday and it made my day!
Happy Spring Equinox,


Mar 15 2009

Thanks – received them today – LOVE them.



Mar 15 2009

Hi there

Thanks so much for my new underwear ….. Love it and love your website ….I have got my work mates looking at your website right now.

All the best


Mar 15 2009

Thanks so much. I already have 5 of your little panties and some of them are like around 4 or 5 years old and still in great shape. I love them and they also make cool gifts. I sent some to Germany to my friends for Christmas and they absolutely think they are so cute.
Cheers, Freddie


Mar 15 2009

I just received my order and they are great. I find that undies tend to run small but yours actually run true to size. I was wondering if I can exchange the mediums that I purchased for smalls. If this is possible let me know and if not I understand.

Thanks, Stephanie


Mar 15 2009

GRRRR!! It’s bad enough that i’m stuck here in Texas, but now i can’t even show pride for my favorite, and frankly the best, country/commonwealth/amazing-fun-place ever?! what’s wrong with this photo? :P please, please (im like begging here) stock your medium sizes!

With my regards from far away, Alex


Mar 15 2009

Thanks for creating such great clothing.