the candi factory


May 02 2009

I just opened an early Christmas present, and wanted to say how much I adore my “Hopscotch”es! They are quite fantastic and cute, but the thing that really grabbed me was the incredible fit. It also made me think about how I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to find the perfect 2-piece bathing suit for an upcoming trip, and no bottoms fit NEARLY as well as these.

I’m imploring you: Make some of these in a fab bathing suit material, add a great halter top, and I’ll buy one in every colour!!! They are too great to go under jeans. :)

-Laura, from Toronto


May 02 2009

I bought a pair of your “hearts o’ plenty” underwear at the one of a kind show yesterday and i would just like to say that they are now my favourite pair. They are so cute and sassy and SO SO COMFORTABLE! keep up the good work!



May 02 2009

I was recently in Toronto and purchased a pair of your underwear at the Fresh Collective and I’m kicking myself for not buying more. They are super comfy (a rare phenomenon in the underwear world) and super styley.



May 02 2009

My girlfriend totally loves your work. I would like to oblige her indulgence, please put me on your studio sale email list.

Best Regards, Jeremy


May 02 2009

Hi! I bought two pairs of underwear from you a while back at a “One of a Kind” fair. I love them! I especially love the Wonder Woman themed pair I bought.

Thanks, Leyla


Mar 15 2009

Thought I would send you a brief email from a new candi junky! I am lovin’ the skirt, top and undies I bought from you in Bracebridge and everytime I wear them I feel happy, bouncy, fresh and candi-luscious! I live in Huntsville so am very anxiously awaiting a show around this area again. Do you do any Christmas shows here?

Cheers and thank you for underwear that actually do not floss your butt, stay put in all kinds of dancin’ ways and are softer than skin.



Mar 15 2009

Thank you so much for the geeky panties. They are perfect! Our wedding is less than two weeks away and every little personal thing means so much to me. Thank you for being part of my ‘something new’ category!
Yours Truly, Lana


Mar 15 2009

Crazy that some undies can become the focus of my universe….you’d think I had nothing else going on – I think it is the way my brain takes a break is to think of your colourful undies! and do you make bathing suits? these undies would make a great bikini! just need a top to go with it.
thanks so much!


Mar 15 2009

My friend gave me a pair of your undies as a gift. She is one of my very bestest of friends and I love everything she gives to me; but especially I love my turquoise undies with pink trim and the black polka dot flower. I live in Whistler BC and am wondering if you have any stores out here representing your work or if I can order online or do I have to wait till I come back to Toronto this summer to buy some more???? Lots of questions for you. Anyways, l love your stuff.



Mar 15 2009

I bought a pair of undies at the One of a Kind Show and love them. LOVE. I’m
going to buy them for every woman I know at Xmas.

I don’t know if you take kindly to suggestions/requests. But I’m
nearly eight months pregnant and these are better than the maternity
underwear and thongs I’ve spent too much money on. I bet local maternity
stores like Kick, Belly, and Rhonda would carry your products if you altered
them a little and called them “maternity undies”. Maybe you wouldn’t even
have to alter them for early stages of pregnancy as they are so wonderfully

When I’m back to a normal size I’m going to come looking for some shirts

Take care and thanks.