Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's so special about The Candi Factory underthings?
A: I'm glad you asked. For starters, the ladies underpants are as comfortable as they get. The fabric is breathable and has a ton of stretch & memory in it. This means that they stay up without elastic digging into your skin, and best of all they don't ride up your butt! They wash amazingly & last for years. Now that's value! And have I mentioned they're proudly made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? No fuel wasting overseas shipping here.
Q: What size should I buy?
A: You should buy whatever size you normally buy. I know all brands are different, but our sizing is true - neither on the small or large side. Here's our size chart
Q: How do I wash them?
A: One of the things that make the candi factory underpants and briefs so great is that no matter how you wash them, they last and last. Machine wash, no problem. Machine dry, also fine. However, they do air dry superfast, and dryers are not a friend of the environment, or of spandex (as the high heat will eventually break down the stretch), so ideally air dry, but whatever works for you will work for the undies.
Q: Are they edible?
A: You may laugh, but it's amazing how many times this question came up when we first started. I guess the name "the candi factory" suggests they would be tasty. Alas, they are sweet - to wear, not to eat.
Q: Can I get custom undies made? Pretty Please?
A: Unfortunately, I can't do just one or two pairs custom. If you're a store or business interested in larger quantities we can talk.