the candi factory


May 02 2009

I have been wearing the same wonderwoman undies for 4 years! I love them to bits and now that I have a store in Montreal and would love to carry your undies.

Jennifer (General 54)


May 02 2009

Yipeee! They arrived this morning. They’re great. Thanks!



May 02 2009

The undies came in the mail and Judith loves them. Thanks again for the lovely package – it really was a smash hit.



May 02 2009

I love these!!! I got a few pairs the other day and they are soooo… comfy!

thx, tania.


May 02 2009

I LOVE your fun undies!!! I have about 5 pair and am slowly building up my entire undie wardrobe to have just those in them.



May 02 2009

I have, over the last few years had some very fine underpants from you. I’m currently missing a pair that i think came from you. They were very sexy, much loved, and tore off me and lost in a New York hotel. I am very much wanting to replace them.

Thanks so much, j


May 02 2009

I followed your link from the One-of-a-kind art show and sale here in Chicago – Your work is fantastic! Thank you so much- hope to see you there this year!



May 02 2009

What’s a guy gotta do to get his wife a pair of your undies in Winnipeg?
She’s got a couple of pairs, but would love more (of course). What do you
recommend (besides buying her a plane ticket to Toronto… which she would
also love).

Thanks, Simon


May 02 2009

Hi. For the last two years I have been buying these underware for my daughters who are in there 20’s. Yesterday Kathleen talked me into buying them for myself. They are on now. They are great. Wish I had bought more. I am off to yoga. I hope to visit your shop sometime. I know now what i am buying girlfriends for birthdays.



May 02 2009

My husband picked up some candi factory clothes at the
one of a kind show for my daughter and myself, and we
want more!