Just wanted to let you know how much we love your underwear. About 3 years ago my dad bought my husband and pair at the one of a kind show, kind of as a joke for Christmas. They had fleur-de-lis and daisies all over them. My husband got a pretty good ribbing from his friends at the Y in the change room.

The thing was he loved them, they were soooooooooo comfortable (in his words). We live in Edmonton, so the next year for Christmas he asked for more underwear! I have since bought 3 or 4 more pairs at a store on Queen street when I’ve been in town. It got to the point where he was doing laundry every other day so he only had to wear your underwear. Anyway, we just ordered 6 more pairs and he is extremely happy…I think we have every one in your collection! So let us know when more designes come out, I’ll think he’ll be wanting a few pairs. Oh, and by the way, I’ve gotten a few pairs myself and there is nothing else I’d rather wear with Jeans!

Thanks, Sara.